Black Lives Matter Petitions


Here At AAWIGS, We Would Like To Encourage Everyone To Help By Donating , Signing Petitions Or Spreading Awareness Of The Racial Injustice And Police Brutality That Our Black Kings And Queens Face. Please Email Us At For Any Useful Links We Can Add.
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Please Read Below Where You Can Either Sign Petitions Or Make Donations.


 Justice For George Floyd-

Reopen Sandra Bland's Case-

#Wecantbreathe -

Stand With Breonna-

Reopoen Tamir Rice's Case -

Ban The Use Of Rubber Bullets -

Dismiss The Charges Of Marshae Jones -

Raise The Degree Of Derek Chauvin -


Jusitce For Belly Mujinga

Justice For Shukri Abdi -

Save Yemen For Becoming Extinct -

Battle Racism By Updating GCSE' Curriculum -

Teach British Children The Reality Of British Imperialism And Colonialism -

A Demand For Covid19 Race Equality Strategy -

Justice For Julian Cole -

Changes Made To The UK School System -

Justice For Sheku Bayoh -

Take Down All Slave Trader Status -

School System To Address Racial Issues -




RIP Belly Mujinga -

Help Build A Well In Yemen -

Help Our Heors In Nigeria And India -

Yemen URGENT Care -

Jusitce For Breonna Taylor -

 Black Vision's Donation -

Support Protesters In Atlanta -

Support Protesters In Louisville -

Support For Shukri Abdi's Family -